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Information regarding Edital PROPP 163/2017

The salary of the hired candidate will correspond to that of a Titular Professor (with a doctoral degree, 40-hour appointment, and Exclusive Dedication), according to the Law 12,772/2012, with the salary amount specified in the Table below. Food aid benefits are not taxable, but Income tax and Social Security will be withheld from the salary (in November 6th, 2017, R$ 1.00 corresponded to approximately US$ 0.30).

Reference Class Basic Income (R$) Doctorate Retribution (R$) Remuneration (R$)
Class E (Titular) 8,119.08 11,321.40 19,440.48
Food Aid 458.00
Income Tax and Social Security withheld -5,151.12
Net Income 14,747.36
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